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The peculiarity is that mutations affect genes in different layers of the skin that encode proteins.

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Depending on the severity and type of epidermolysis bullosa, there may be other, more severe symptoms that are considered on an individual basis. Symptoms often appear in the first hours of a newborn's life, so the qualifications and awareness of medical personnel will be important in the further treatment of the patient. Cause of epidermolysis bullosa.

At the same time, changes can occur not in one gene, but in several at once - often the disease disrupts the structure of more than 10 genes.

The main reason is a genetic predisposition to mutation of the genes responsible for encoding proteins, which is inherited from parents to children.

Autosomal dominant - characteristic of a simple type of epidermolysis bullosa. Autosomal recessive for borderline.

Another type - dystrophic - can be inherited in both ways.


Men and women have the same degree of risk of developing this disease. This is quite rare, but examples exist. This experience is used for research and development of treatment methods.


When planning a child, it is important to clarify information about the presence of hereditary diseases in parents, perhaps to undergo some genetic studies that will prevent the development of serious pathologies.
Also, parents at risk, when establishing the fact of pregnancy, it is advisable to undergo all planned examinations and screenings to identify abnormalities in the development of the fetus.
Various forms of epidermolysis. The classification of epidermolysis bullosa is based on the possibility of blisters at different levels of the skin layers.